Dartmoor Pony film hits the headlines!

Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up – In The News

After releasing my film, the response was truly amazing. In just a few days it had been shared over 200 times on Facebook and had reached over 1500 views on Vimeo. It was great to see how many people had genuinely understood and taken an interest in the subject matter – including some of my most anti-equine friends!

It wasn’t just family and friends who were sharing it either, a few journalists and newspapers from Dartmoor were also interested in sharing the story and highlighting the issues I had raised in the film. They wanted to know why I had chosen Dartmoor ponies as my main subject matter and what the filmmaking process was like. It was great to be able to talk about my film and share some of the behind-the-scenes stories so that I could give people an insight into what it was like filming on Dartmoor and documenting such a complicated issue.

Here are just a few of the articles written about my film (Click the highlighted text)

Western Morning News – Film on Dartmoor pony round-up gets showing at US film festival

Western Morning News – Dartmoor Ponies

“A film capturing what could be the final instalment of a Westcountry ritual is to be shown at a prestigious American film festival next month.”

(178 Facebook shares and 27 retweets)

The PRSD – Dartmoor Pony Crisis Featured In Striking New Documentary

The PRSD – Dartmoor Ponies

“Wonderfully shot throughout, the film beautifully captures sixth generation Dartmoor Farmer Steve Alford as he attends to his ponies on horseback for what could be one of the last times. Watch the film, and join the debate.”

(57 Facebook shares)

D&C Film – Dartmoor Ponies on the brink: documentary ‘gets people talking’ about their uncertain fate

Devon and Cornwall Film – Dartmoor Documentary

“It was worth it – it’s a wonderfully evocative scene that captures the essence of the Dartmoor ponies and how they interact with the moor. And it was ideal that up-and-coming natural history filmmaker Kathy, with her long love for all things equestrian, was able to capture it.”

(38 Facebook shares)

People4Ponies blog – Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up

People4Ponies blog – Dartmoor Pony Film

“We’d like to bring this short video to everyone’s attention – It does a very good job of explaining to everyone the situation on Dartmoor right now!”

Mid Devon Advertiser – Big Apple airing for moor ponies movie

Mid Devon Advertiser – US Film Festival

“The film, which explores the reasons for slaughtering hundreds of healthy foals, has been viewed nearly 2,500 times online.”

If you would like to keep up-to-date on the situation in Dartmoor, or simply to see some behind-the-scenes videos and photos, please ‘like’ and follow the Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up facebook page.