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feat. Dartmoor Ponies

Since setting up this website, I have gained quite a bit of interest from overseas about my film, Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up. People get in touch simply just to comment on my film or they talk to me about similar situations happening near them.

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Croissants, Coffees and Cameras

Back in May 2016, I began working for Equine Productions and after only a few weeks was given the opportunity to go to Chantilly, France, to help them film a promotional film for France Galop. I wrote a blog post about my trip there but never got round to publishing it! I’d now like to share this with everyone as people are always asking me about what goes on behind-the-scenes at shoots and I think this sums it up quite well! (It’s not as glamorous as you may think!)

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This blog post stems from when I watched this video by ‘Any Frame a Painting’ on YouTube and I’d like any filmmaker to also take a look:

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Cape Verde #NoStress

When you arrive at your holiday destination and realise that the country’s motto is ‘No Stress’, it definitely puts you in the right mind set for a very relaxing week…

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Entrance to a close by restaurant.

Mini Adventure in Alp D’Huez!

Ski holidays are just the best. Ever since I first went to Alpbach in Austria when I was 14 years old, I have fallen in love with the snowy mountains and fresh, crisp air.

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Campaigning for Comedy!

Last year during my MA I was asked to help film and edit the Bristol’s Slapstick Comedy festival. Never did I think that during a wildlife course, I’d be getting involved in a comedy festival and yet it’s given me some of the best experiences and filming practice I have had.

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Dartmoor pony film hits the headlines

After releasing my film, the response was truly amazing. In just a few days it had been shared over 200 times on Facebook and had reached over 1500 views on Vimeo. It was great to see how many people had genuinely understood and taken an interest in the subject matter – including some of my most anti-equine friends!

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