Mini Adventure In Alp D’Huez

Ski holidays are just the best. Ever since I first went to Alpbach in Austria when I was 14 years old, I have fallen in love with the snowy mountains and fresh, crisp air.

Going on an active holiday can seem like some people’s worst nightmare – holidays are for relaxing and doing as little as possible without the usual guilt that follows…. But being an active person myself, I get bored sitting around for long periods of time, so summer beach holidays (although nice for a few days) can get a bit tedious. Ski holidays, on the other hand, offer everything I look for when I need a break from everyday life. Waking up and looking out to a stunning mountain range…an active day fooling around with friends and family and then of course, apres ski which can consist of either a hot chocolate or vodka, depending on the mood of the evening! 🍸

Last year I was introduced to an incredible ski film, ‘Into the mind’ and ever since, have been hooked on watching adventure films. One of my favourite filmmakers is Dave Cornthwaite, who films every adventure he goes on, both individually and in groups and lives by the motto ‘Say Yes.’ (Check him out here: 🎥 My point is, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make my own adventure story.  A video that’s fast – paced, exciting, and will inspire others to go on their own adventure. Unfortunately I don’t own a helicopter (or a RED camera ) but with 2 GoPros and a Canon S110, my partner and I tried our best to make a mini ski film on our holiday this year. 🎿 Although it’s not long and there’s no jeopardy, I’d like to think this is just the start of something that will grow and a place from where we can build and learn from.

Filming these types of videos can be hard because not only are you physically active all day, but mentally you’re always trying to think of the next best shot, or the next angle or looking out for a timelapse opportunity. It’s not like the big budget films where they have a director and a cameraman and the talent can just concentrate on doing their thing…you’ve got to be doing all three jobs at the same time (as well as enjoying the holiday, of course!).  Still, being a filmmaker these thoughts do come naturally and even if at the end of it all, we haven’t quite got all the shots we initially wanted, we still have a video to look back on to remember the ski holiday by! (which is much better than boring everyone at home with a photo album of hotdog legs and local cuisine). 😐

Check out our video here: Alp D’Huez Ski Video


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