feat. Dartmoor Ponies

Since setting up this website, I have gained quite a bit of interest from overseas about my film, Dartmoor Ponies: The Final Round Up. People get in touch simply just to comment on my film or they talk to me about similar situations happening near them. I thought I’d write an ongoing blog about the people who have either written about my film in their blog/website or included it as a reference, as it’s always very interesting to see how different people have interpreted it.

Below are 2 examples of people who have included my film in their own blog/website. I will continue to add to this page as and when I’m contacted!

The Inside Rein – A website dedicated to releasing the latest news about equestrian sports and equine welfare.  They launched a ‘Monday Night Movie’ series which features films touching on various issues facing horses today.  Whether it be the plight of wild mustangs, horse slaughter, or more light-hearted subjects, they cover almost all horse-related topics. Each film featured on the site also includes an interview with the filmmaker and/or subjects of the film. Click here to read more.

Deloise in America – Deloise discusses  the jumping and hunting industries in America in her blogs. In one her most recent posts she discusses the vast numbers of ponies living in North America and the reasons for this. She has also noticed a similarity between the management of the ponies over there and the management of the Dartmoor ponies and uses my film as a reference for readers to find out more.

Take a look at her blog here.

“I am writing a blog piece for my site and am including your Dartmoor Pony film, it was beautifully done, congrats on the hard work!! I hope it will bring you some more attention to your accomplishment!” – Deloise

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